Purple Dragon Wear

About Us

I guess the best way to begin telling you about us is by introducing us. The dragon mommas are Bobbie, Niki, & Ome. Great grandma helps entertain the baby and does some of the lighter project work. I am Bobbie, Niki is my daughter, Ome is Niki's best friend/close-as-sisters, and great-grandma is my mother.

I retired from my public service career on May 1, 2003 to spend more time with my elderly mother, my daughter and 17-month-old granddaughter. I have been sewing since I was ten or twelve years old and learned to sew on my mother's now-antique portable Singer sewing machine. I made my own wedding gown 34 years ago, and Niki's Renaissance-style gown for her wedding in 2000. Sewing and knitting have been hobbies of mine for many years. My children and grandchildren are my inspiration for this web site as well as the Purple Dragon Wear business.

Niki loves fairies and dragons. So, when she discovered she was pregnant, she began painting a mural on the nursery walls. By the time her baby was born, two of the nursery walls were painted with trees, flowers, fairies, and a fairy castle. A family member gave them a dragon wind chime, which was hung in the nursery. Their beautiful baby girl was surrounded by fairies and protected by dragons. Niki and her husband became parents sooner than expected when Abrial had to be delivered three months early. Abrial is almost 18 months old now and shows no signs of being a preemie. The preemie gowns available from Purple Dragon Wear have been inspired by Abrial and are being sold at near-cost prices because the gowns provided by the hospital were too big and too ugly for such precious babies.

Ome (pronounced with a long "e" - O ME) is like a daughter to me and sister to Niki. I am "grandma" to her children. Ome, like the rest of us dragon mommas, is fiercely protective of her children. She grew up learning how to knit and crochet and is learning how to sew.

Niki and I had been toying with the idea of going into business together, so we set up our web site and started working on the various items we hope you will find appealing.

We hope to fill a niche with the hand-made preemie gowns, quilts and other items you will find on this site.