This is our little girl when she was
6 weeks old. We wanted only the
softest, sweetest fabric to touch our
special girl.
These are examples of the types of gowns we make. Each
one is unique and has different trim. We placed them on
the cutting board so you can see how tiny they actually are.
Preemie Wear

Your preemie will really snuggle into this cloud-soft
fabric. It retains its incredible soft feel even after
multiple washings. (We recommend washing with
delicate wash products.) This is the same fabric we used
for the gowns we made for our own preemie. It is not
only soft, but light-weight and warm. The gowns have
front closures with nothing to get in the way of the
various tubes and wires used to monitor and sustain
your special baby. We make these gowns in a variety of
soft colors and even have a few pink-striped and
blue-striped gowns. All of these very special gowns have
some kind of trim that makes each one unique. Your
precious little one will be the best dressed baby in the
nursery in one of our Purple Dragon Wear Preemie
gowns. They are priced at just over cost so you can
have enough..

We make them in 2 different sizes Small and Large,
small will fit til about 4 or 5 pounds.

Priced at just $5 each or buy 4 for just $16.
Purple Dragon Wear